Biote Nutraceuticals feature superior supplements that help maintain normal hormone balance. Each Biote supplement contains well-researched ingredients that help support your health & wellness and overall wellbeing. Learn more about our hormone therapy nutraceutical line below.*

Learn how BioTE Medical the world leader in hormone optimization can help revitalize your life through BioTE’s method of pellet therapy.

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BioTE<sup>®</sup> ADK 5 & 10                           ARTEROSIL<sup>®</sup> HP                                    Biote Bacillus Coagulans

ADK 5 & 10                                           Arterosil® HP                  Bacillus Coagulans

Essential Vitamins A, D3, & K2          Protect & Restore Heart & Arteries        Single-Strain Probiotic for Healthy Digestion

Maintains Vitamin D Levels*                          Promotes a Healthy Heart*                                     Supports Normal Digestive Health*
Promotes Strong Bones*                               Maintains Healthy Artery Walls*                            Promotes Healthy Gut Flora*
Supports the Immune System*                     Supports a Strong & Vital Glycocalyx                    Encourages a Strong Immune System*


Biote<sup>®</sup> Best Night Sleep                                BioTE<sup>®</sup> BPC-157                                 BioTE<sup>®</sup> CURCUMIN-SF

Best Night Sleep                                BPC-157                                   Curcumin-SF

Restfulness + Awake Refreshed             Healing & Recovery Peptide                Antioxidant, Joint & Hormonal Support

Sleep Through the Night                                 Repairs Wounds & Muscle Tissue            Reduces some types of inflammation
Fall Asleep Faster                                            Decreases Inflammation                       Relieves Occasional Joint or Muscle Soreness
Calm the Mind                                                Improves Gut Related Issues                   Helps Maintain Hormone Balance
BioTE<sup>®</sup> DIM SGS+                                         HAIR RESCUE: ACTIVATE                    HAIR RESCUE: REPAIR              

DIM SGS+                                    Hair Rescue: Activate             Hair Rescue: Repair  

Hormone Balance & Detoxification      Peptide Hair Growth Complex    Hair Follicle Peptide Serum
Encourages Normal Estrogen Metabolism                   Reduces DHT-Induced Hair Follicle        Helps Retain Hair Follicles for a Longer Duration
Helps control Appetite                                     Miniaturization                             Increase Hair Count & Hair Mass Index
Promotes Detoxification                                   Promotes Hair Cell Proliferation           Reduces Hair Loss Assoc. with Zinc Deficiency
                                                                                     Encourages Normal Hair Follicle Development
BioTE<sup>®</sup> IODINE+                                Biote<sup>®</sup> Luminate                                 BioTE® Methyl Factors+
Multi-Strain Probiotic 20B                           NMN Complex                                 BioTE<sup>®</sup> OMEGA 3 + CoQ10
BioTE<sup>®</sup> SENOLYTIC COMPLEX                                Biote<sup>®</sup> SERENE